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Nuovo Biologics is commercializing an innovative platform of protein drugs which could have profound implications for human and animal health. Two products are currently under development, PVX – an antiviral, and MMX – an antitumor formulation.

PVX (INAD #011-949), our first investigational product, is a novel peptide derived from natural sources. It is being evaluated for the treatment of viral infections in non-food animals (dogs, cats, horses and birds). In Vitro experimentation and data from pilot animal studies suggest that PVX demonstrates antiviral activity across a broad spectrum of virus families. MMX (INAD# 012-035) is our Company’s second investigational new drug. This formulation is being developed for the treatment of oral canine malignant melanoma stage II & III. In Vitro studies have demonstrated inhibition of cell proliferation in melanoma cells. In pilot studies with canine subjects diagnosed with malignant melanoma and treated with MMX, the subjects exhibited significant tumor reduction.

Nuovo Biologics has been awarded a ‘Minor Use’ designation by the FDA for canine malignant melanoma to pursue a Conditional New Animal Drug Application (CNADA). The Minor Use Designation Approval is published on the FDA/CVM website. click here (scroll to number 96) The first FDA claims approvals for PVX and MMX for veterinary use are expected in 2016.